Passing along the third iteration of our pricing analysis work on identical items found on both Wayfair and Amazon. 

Some notes:

  • We find 125 identical items on both platforms each quarter. Each time we run the analysis, we search for the same items from prior iterations and replace any items that have been discontinued with new similar items.
  • In the summary deck we also show you direct customer feedback from our survey to see how perceptions compare to reality.
  • We pull the price that consumers would pay if they decided to buy the item that day that we ran the analysis. 
  • This volume, a good amount of our time spent finding the items overlapped with Way Day on Wayfair’s website.

Open Summary and Insights:Bespoke – W and AMZN Pricing Analysis Summary

Open Library of Images:Bespoke – W and AMZN Identical Item Image Library