Open Report:Bespoke – ZG and iBuyers Vol 4

Key Takeaways and Key Charts:

  • Respondents who currently have their home listed for sale have a decidedly ositive view of iBuyers. Respondents who own multi-family homes are more likely than those who own single family and apartments to use an iBuyer.

  • Home owner likelihood of using an iBuyer has trended higher over the past four quarters. Those who would use it cite convenience and quicker sale.

  • Home owners have been increasingly likely to accept sellers taking a discount for the convenience of selling to an iBuyer.

  • Respondents continue to recognize Zillow for iBuying at levels well above OpenDoor and OfferPad.

  • Those who have used an iBuyer offer strong feedback on the experience.

  • Respondents who us “take a tour” functionality offer strong feedback on the experience, more on Zillow than Trulia.