1. Consumers who use AI Chatbots describe a range of different activities that they use them for. A smattering of information, asking questions, entertainment, and work or school related help.

2. Based on our reading of fill-in responses, there is a mixture of hope for possible applications around AI and caution/fear around possible risks that could materialize from AI.

3. A relatively low percentage (7.7%) of consumers said they would buy a new
smartphone or laptop today if those devices worked better with AI related apps. At the
same time, only 35.6% said they would never do that. In between, the majority of
respondents either said possible in the future depending on what AI could do for them
(35%) or not right now based on their current use case for AI (21.8%).

4. The share of iPhone users who utilize Apple Pay and Apple Music has increased
considerably over the history of our survey.

5. Over the past year in particular, our survey has detected an improvement in sentiment toward Apple (overall, willingness to pay a premium for their products, etc).