Survey Audience: 1,000+ US Consumers Per Wave, Balanced to Census

History: 42nd Quarterly Volume (90 Slides)

Tickers Covered: AMZN, ETSY, W, EBAY, OSTK, WMT, TGT, Temu, Shein, Wish

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KPIs Covered:

  • AMZN Prime | Did former subs find it difficult to cancel? What % of them were unintentionally signed up for Prime.
  • All Platforms | Do customers shop regularly or episodically/irregularly?
  • All Platforms | Episodic Shoppers – what is the catalyst that brings you to shopping the platform episodically?
  • ETSY | How much does it matter to customers that they are shopping small business?
  • ETSY | How do customers most commonly find themselves shopping Etsy?
  • Consumer spending confidence.
  • Popularity of shopping online, vs. in-stores, vs. at malls.
  • Savings increased/decreased since Covid tracker.
  • Impact on spending if respondents lose job / income declines.
  • All Platforms | Perceived changes to sales/promo offers.
  • All Platforms | Consumer trust.
  • All Platforms | Customer loyalty.
  • Furniture Purchasing | In-store vs. Online (pre / during / post Covid).
  • Face mask demand trends.
  • All Platforms | Shipping time feedback.
  • AMZN / ETSY / W | Shopping engagement, number of items bought per month, mobile purchases, recent shopping feedback, expected shopping feedback, etc.
  • W | Share of furniture items purchased from Wayfair, cross-shopping with Amazon for identical items, sentiment toward Amazon vs. Wayfair on pricing, selection, and visualization, comparing Wayfair to other online/in-person shopping experiences.
  • All Platforms | Credit scores of each customer base.

Excerpt of Charts: