1. Consumers self-report more discretionary confidence compared to our last wave in October of 2023. Feedback is still softer than series highs, but has improved q/q.

2. Among those who have used each of the retailers and etailers in our survey, Amazon is the customer base that would find it the most painful if the platform went out of existence today, followed closely by Walmart. Target ranks third on the list, followed by a cluster consisting of Temu, Ebay, and Shein

3. With regard to shopping frequencies, customers of Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Temu are the most likely to see their shopping as “regular” while shoppers of Overstock, Etsy, Wayfair, Wish.com, and Ebay are most likely to see their shopping as “episodic.”

4. Respondents who shop platforms like Wish.com, TikTok Shop, Temu, Shein, and Ebay feel as if they encounter counterfeit and fake items more than users on other platforms. Trust is lower on platforms like Wish, Temu, TikTok Shop, and Shein relative to other etailers and retailers.

5. A number of tracking KPIs that ask about Wayfair have been flat to worse after reaching series highs during the pandemic.