1. Among those who have visited each online auto platform in our survey, Carvana ranks at the top when it comes to price and selection.

2. NPS for Carvana remains very strong but is slightly weaker this wave compared to last. Observing fluctuations in NPS for a platform like Carvana is not uncommon given the later adopter dynamic that unfolds over time.

3. Carvana customers over-index as early adopters of disruptive technologies.

4. Most respondents who have purchased a vehicle from Carvana reported knowing at least one person who has bought or sold a car to Carvana.

5. Overall, the feedback from Carvana customers remains positive. Customers love the convenience and ease of the platform above all else. Other customers mentioned liking the price and customer service. 90+% of customers consistently tell us that there was nothing that they disliked about buying a car from Carvana.