Third party delivery apps have come more into buyside focus recently. The disruption being brought to the space will create inflection points for winners and losers. We have useful insights with history on casual dining, third party delivery, meal kits, grocery delivery, etc. One of the bigger changes we’ve noticed in our data DoorDash’s quick ascent in our charts. Flagging it below as just a small slice of our interesting primary research on the space.

With this increase in usage of third party food delivery apps we’ve seen a large uptick in interest in scoping how this is/will impact DPZ. The data we have on DPZ and third party food delivery apps is a great example of how powerful primary research can be at providing a deeper understanding of a situation than other investors might have at the moment. If you would like to discuss any of this with us please let us know! ([email protected] or 914-630-0512).

*On the prior page we showed responses for customers of 20+ casual dining establishments.