Bespoke Intel | December 17th, 2020

Covid Uncertainty Weighing On Intentions

2020 will (mercifully) come to an end in just a couple weeks with increasing clarity around vaccines offering more visibility in 2021 than we had just a month or two ago. Vaccine related developments will provide little comfort for ski resort operators, though, as COVID-19 rages and the majority of the skiing/snowboarding season figures to take place before the majority of the vaccine rollout.

We asked consumers about their intentions in September, and then again in the past week. Two takeaways jump out at us:

  1. Consumers said they were less likely to ski/snowboard this year in December than they were in September (likely because of the increases in COVID-19 cases since our September survey).
  2. The uncertainty is caused those who are planning to ski to delay their purchases of full-season passes.

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