Are people actually sharing their Netflix accounts less?

That was one of dozens of client questions we sought to answer in the 42nd volume of our quarterly streaming video survey. As we look forward to the 43rd volume of our streaming video survey due for release later this week, we look back at some helpful findings from our October survey.

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Takeaway 1: Netflix subscribers indicate a reduction in account sharing

Takeaway 2: The share of Netflix subscribers on the Standard with Ads plan ticked up slightly over the course of the year, but remains the least popular option based on survey responses.

Takeaway 3: Of respondents on Standard with Ads, 18.9% said that they were sharing an account with someone they do not live with before they signed up. 39.6% said they were not previously accessing Netflix in any way and 34.8% said they were on a higher Netflix plan.

Takeaway 4: Originals are a big part of the Netflix viewing experience.

For this analysis, we uploaded 32,000 fill-ins across 40+ monthly waves to ChatGPT 4.0 along with a database of 3200+ titles of Netflix originals and asked ChatGPT to tell us what percentage of the last things watched by respondents each month were originals vs. non-originals.

When we asked ChatGPT to list the top titles mentioned and then asked it to cross-reference the originals database to label each as either original or non-original, 7 out of the top 10 names listed were Netflix Originals, with Stranger Things far and away taking the top spot.

We then asked ChatGPT to create word clouds of titles by category across all 32k+ fill-ins.

Takeaway 5: Pricing is an ever-present concern among respondents contemplating churning.

When asked if they were considering cancelling their Netflix subscriptions, 16.8% of respondents said yes, with pricing being their top concern. This concern with pricing has increased every year since we began asking this question, from 67 mentions in 2021 to 124 in 2023.