With increasing competition in the US putting NFLX under pressure, investors are spending a lot of time focusing on the international landscape. India is a battleground that seems to be of interest at the moment, so we decided to launch coverage of NFLX in India to go along with our existing survey deep dives in the US (27 quarterly volumes) and UK (15 quarterly volumes).

This is only a small slice of our data, but it is interesting nonetheless. 40.4% of non-subscribers would be interested in a paid subscription. The median price they would be willing to pay is Rs 199. That is the exact price that Netflix chose for its mobile only plan released in India this year.

In addition to being an interesting data point, these results make a good argument for why using survey data is important. It is no coincidence that Netflix chose the exact price point that would appeal to the median non-subscriber. They likely ran survey like this one their own! By seeing the rest of our insights in our full report, you will be armed with the types of insights companies you invest in likely use.