If you cover Netflix in any capacity, you’re probably aware that for the first time ever, the streaming giant released a report of it’s most watched titles through the first half of 2023. This move prompted us to brainstorm on how we could do some analysis of our own to determine what shows and movies Netflix subscribers are most recently engaged with. With the help of ChatGPT, we were able to analyze 32,000 survey responses from 40+ monthly waves of surveys along with a database of 3200+ titles of Netflix originals, to tell us what percentage of the last things watched by respondents each month were originals vs non-originals.

We found that historically, non-originals make up most of what consumers are watching on Netflix. Over the past few months however, there has been a fairly significant shift toward consumers watching more original content on the platform.

When we asked ChatGPT to list the top titles mentioned and then asked it to cross-reference the originals database to label each as either original or non-original, 7 out of the top 10 names listed were Netflix Originals, with Stranger Things far and away taking the top spot.

We then asked ChatGPT to create word clouds of titles by category across all 32k+ fill-ins.

When asked if they were considering cancelling their Netflix subscriptions, 16.8% of respondents said yes, with pricing being their top concern. This concern with pricing has increased every year since we began asking this question, from 67 mentions in 2021 to 124 in 2023.