Highlighting five interesting takeaways from our 100+ page survey report on Netflix. If you are a client, login to view the full report. If you are not a client and want to learn more, email [email protected] or call 914-630-0512.

1. Consumer sentiment regarding Netflix is very positive, trailing only YouTube and Amazon, and ahead of a number of the other brands that we ask about including Paramount+, Disney+, and Apple TV+

2. Consumers feel more of a personal connection to Netflix relative to other brands including Disney+, Roku, ESPN, Roku, and Peacock, to name a few

3. The percentage of respondents who are on the Netflix Standard with ads subscription continues to increase

4. The share of Netflix subscribers considering cancelling at the moment declined sequentially. Those who are considering cancelling complain about price / say it’s too expensive

5. The share of Netflix watchers who had trouble accessing the account of someone they don’t live with (in the past month) increased for two consecutive waves since we started asking the question in July of 2023.