Headline Takeaways:

  • Generally +ve streaming sector trends.
    • Streaming continues to gain as the preferred method for consuming video content.
    • The number of streaming video services that consumers think is appropriate to sign up for at a given time has increased.
    • But, the average amount respondents think they should spend on streaming video platforms at a given time has been flat for 1-2 years.
  • Netflix Trends – Mostly Positive
    • Respondent sentiment is strong / improved.
    • Pricing / value feedback improved sequentially. Pricing power improved sequentially and perception of value improved.
    • Standard with Ads feedback remains positive (better than consumers expected, price point on the money, ad-load expectations remain consistent).
    • Account sharing has declined. Sharers flag that they have seen account sharing emails from Netflix.
    • Competition is increasingly viewed as incremental, not replacement.
    • Churn expectations declined again sequentially.
  • Cable TV Personalities – New Questions This Quarter
    • We added some survey question this quarter to understand how important cable news personalities and live sports are to consumers. We found that there is demand for cable TV personalities to go directly to consumers via social media, especially among younger cohorts.

Excerpt of Charts From Full Report: