Source: Our Quarterly Survey of 1,000+ Video Gamers in the US

If you read our full video gamers report for subscribers, you would see that most metrics we track related to the upcoming console launches favor Sony. Intentions to purchase, sentiment toward specs, sentiment toward exclusive game lineup, an so on, favor Sony and have been improving sequentially (feedback toward the Series X has mostly been flat).

We took gamers through an exercise related to price that we think underscores the importance of the pricing “game of chicken” that the companies are playing.

Another factor that will play into decision making process, separate from price, is the recently announced delay of Halo Infinite.

And lastly, we have a bunch more feedback specifically on sentiment/interest in xCloud… but for now we’ll leave you with a chart showing that gamers do have considerable interest in cloud gaming offerings in general.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about our full report and/or our video gamers coverage in Japan, South Korea, and the UK.

Topics Covered in Detail:

  • New Console Launches (SNE, MSFT)
    • Probability of Buying
    • Specs Feedback
    • Pricing
    • Exclusive Game Lineup Feedback
    • xCloud
    • Halo Infinite Delay
    • Console Penetration
    • Attach Rates
    • PS5 and Series X
    • Home vs. Mobile
    • Switch Online
  • GME
    • Mindshare and Sentiment
    • Shopping Recency
    • Remaining a Part of Gaming Lives
    • Upcoming Launches
  • Gaming Sector Trends
    • Game Playing and Purchasing Frequency
    • Free Games and Downloadable Content vs. New Releases
    • Digital Downloads Share Tracking