Every quarter, we launch a survey covering social media names as a means to track consumer sentiment. Back in July we published the 40th volume of the survey. We aimed to understand specific trends within the space and had numerous questions relating to usage of Instagram Threads. Let’s dive in…

Threads insights:

  • Relative to other social media platforms, Threads users are more likely to skew male, skew younger, and skew liberal (political affiliation)
  • Among the base of users who have downloaded it, feedback has come back generally positive
  • NPS among those who have downloaded Threads came back at 30, a high score but from our experience, lower than what is expected from a new platform.

Social Media Sector and App Specific Trends:

  • Consumer trust in social media platforms has improved sequentially and self-reported engagement with social media apps is improving
  • Concerns about privacy issues continue to subside. Awareness is there, nut each quarter there is less concern
  • Consumers offer increasingly positive sentiment toward buying products through social platforms
  • Twitter user have a net favorable view of Elon Musk owning the platform
  • Instagram Reels feedback has improved sequentially