1. Social media usage frequency has strengthened recently (and over time) with readings hitting new highs

2. Users of TikTok are the most likely to feel that they are addicted to using the app. For all platforms, younger respondents are much more likely to feel they are addicted.

3. Users of TikTok are the most likely to say they discover products to buy while on the app. Pinterest was the second most likely userbase to say the same. Consumers have a net favorable (and improving) view of buying products through social media platforms.

4. Since October of 2020, Facebook user feedback around ads has improved a good deal (how much ads bother them and if they have noticed an improvement in the quality and relevance of the ads that appear in their newsfeed).

5. Snapchat users have been shifting their usage sequentially more and more toward using the platform for messaging and less for stories. We would also note that of all the user bases, Snapchat users are among the most likely to say they would be willing to pay for premium features.