From the turmoil at Twitter (now X), to the introduction of Threads, to the continued dominance of TikTok, it’s safe to say that 2023 was another big year in the realm of social media. When Threads was introduced we saw it jump off to a hot start, with many believing that it could pose a real threat to the dominance of X. Since its July launch however, it has fizzled out in terms of main stream popularity and has not been gaining traction with consumers m/m according to our surveys. Respondents indicated that Threads usage would be incremental to their overall social media usage as opposed to a replacement for any of them. Threads NPS has continued to worsen over the course of its lifespan from -45.83 in July to -72.01 in October. Consumers continue to point toward data privacy issues being a top concern relating to social media, but the majority have no plans on deleting their accounts any time soon. Feedback towards Instagram Reels continues to skew positive, and sentiment towards Reels has improved in relative comparisons to TikTok.