Of all of the eCommerce platforms that we run survey and pricing analysis on, Wayfair continues to show up as one that consumers are more likely to shop at episodically. A large plurality of Wayfair customers stated that they primarily purchase goods from the website when they’re moving or looking to move. This poses the question as to whether or not Wayfair will struggle in the midst of a potential housing crisis. As mortgage rates continue to climb and seize up the housing market, there’s real worry for a company that relies so heavily on selling into a demographic of consumers on the move.

Our latest report is a pricing analysis that compares the cost of identical goods visually matched on both Wayfair and Amazon. We’ve run this analysis over the past 14 quarters and this particular quarter shows an interesting inflection in the data given the current backdrop.

Sharing some sample data below. Start a free trial today to access the readings from August and May of 2023.