This week, we’ll be launching a survey focused on credit card trends, mobile payment apps, student loans, BNPL, and other topics.

We are using a combination of traditional survey methods and we are incorporating free form fill-in text to be analyzed for signal with ChatGPT.

If you have any interest in participating, please email [email protected].

ChatGPT: I’ll provide a concise overview of the survey questions

  1. Age of respondent
  2. Gender identification
  3. Household income range
  4. Employment status
  5. Change in annual household income
  6. Possession of an emergency fund
  7. Ability to cover unexpected expenses
  8. Living paycheck to paycheck status
  9. Confidence in spending on essentials and non-essentials
  10. Race/Ethnicity
  11. State of residence
  12. Credit score range
  13. Challenges with credit history
  14. Current loans/debts
  15. Priority of loan types
  16. Credit and debit card ownership
  17. Frequency of different payment methods
  18. Average monthly card spending
  19. Percentage of purchases on credit cards
  20. Handling of credit card debt
  21. Changes in credit card balance
  22. Preferred types of credit cards
  23. Importance of credit card features
  24. Recent research into credit/debit card offerings
  25. Understanding of point offerings with different brands
  26. Primary use of selected credit cards
  27. Student Loan Resumption – If they have been paying or not, how their spending has changed