Survey Says…

Consumer Electronics

AI Interest

Consumers show interest in using AI chatbots on smartphones and PCs, but there is still room for growth. Younger respondents show a higher degree of interest.

Consumer Electronics

AI Chatbot Usage

AI Chatbot uptake is still in earlier innings (but usage and awareness have increased in the surveys we run).

Younger respondents, males, and higher income respondents are more likely to be frequent users of AI Chatbots.

Consumer Electronics

Refreshing for AI

Willingness to refresh a smartphone or laptop if they work better with AI related apps seems to vary quite a bit based on the future use cases for AI.

Consumer Electronics

In the market for a laptop now…

Among those who are in the market for a new laptop now, respondents are even more likely to say they would refresh to get access to hardware that could better handle AI apps.

Consumer Electronics

Who is the customer of AI enabled hardware?

Respondents who are more likely to upgrade for AI enabled hardware over-index to males, younger, and higher income.