Open Report:Bespoke – AMZN and W Pricing Analysis

We also ask in our survey about consumer perceptions toward pricing. As a refresher, you can find that feedback here: Bespoke – Online Retailers Report

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon increased their prices on identical items by a greater amount than Wayfair (relative to March). Both platforms increased prices, on average.
  • Wayfair continues to apply a higher % discount, on average, than Amazon (with higher starting retail prices). Both platforms reduced the average % off compared to our analysis in March.

  • Some items that were available on Amazon in March were only available via third party sellers in June at much higher prices, raising the average price per item on Amazon considerably. IE – inventory shortfalls on some items have created more instances in which Wayfair is considerably cheaper.

  • Of the 126 identical items we found in March, ~30 were no longer available on the platforms.

  • Wayfair was more likely to change the name of the product from our list we found in March than Amazon.

  • Net/Net: Wayfair is still more expensive in most of the cuts of analysis we run, but in all instances the gap closed compared to March.

Key Charts: