We spent some time finding 126 identical items listed for sale on both Amazon and Wayfair. This should be a bit of a unique data set because these items are difficult to find without visually analysis to link the products (Amazon and Wayfair have different product names for each item). In the slide deck you can view all 126 items, but category, side by side. Excel file extracts the important numbers for easy comparison.

View Report With Images Here:Bespoke – W vs. AMZN Identical Items Analysis

View Raw Data Here:Bespoke – W vs. AMZN Raw Data

For Reference:Bespoke – W vs. AMZN Consumer View

*This was what Wayfair customers told us about cross-over shopping.

Some Notes From This Exercise:

  • Wayfair is more expensive on 78.6% of the identical items that we found.
  • Wayfair has 73% of these items marked as discounted, while Amazon only has 39.7% marked as discounted.
  • Wayfair averages many more reviews per item compared to Amazon.
  • When you take the title of Wayfair items and enter them on Amazon, the search bar quickly populates the rest of the product title (and vice versa). Suggesting that cross-shopping / checking for the item on the other platform is not uncommon.

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