Passing along some feedback on consumer sentiment toward cruises / when they would feel comfortable going on one again and on travel search preferences. 

Open Report:Bespoke – Cruises and OTAs March Update

Key Takeaways:

  • Cruises

    • Respondents show obvious apprehension at the thought of going on a cruise now, but it is noteworthy that those who have been on cruises more in the past are relatively more comfortable with the thought of going on a cruise now than those who have only been once or have never been. 

    • Among those who are uncomfortable with the thought of going on a cruise now, the more frequent they have taken cruises in the past the less time they say they need before they will be comfortable again (respondents who have been on 3+ cruises AND are currently uncomfortable say they need just shy of 10-12 months, on average, before they’d feel comfortable again).

    • Cohorts most likely to be cruise customers in general include high income and older respondents (55+).

    • 24% of respondents who have been on a cruise 3+ times in the past report having cancelled or delayed a cruise because of Covid-19.

  • Online Travel

    • The majority of respondents say they start their travel booking searches through Google Search (31%) or directly on the airline/hotel site (31%). Another 9% say they start on Google Travel.

    • Younger respondents are more likely to start their searches on Google and Google Travel. Older respondents are more likely to go directly to the airline/hotel site. So it appears that OTAs are battling Google with younger respondents and are battling “going direct” with older respondents.

    • Respondents show a high degree of willingness to at least check it out if Amazon offered travel booking services (Prime members are unsurprisingly among the most likely to try it/use it).