There are two questions we get from investors following Covid vaccine manufacturers:

  1. Is demand heading into the Fall increasing according to seasonality, and in-line with Flu shot demand?
  2. Are people reporting more adverse reactions for the Covid vaccine than they are for the flu shot?

Takeaways from our latest survey:

  1. Demand for the Covid shot in general has declined over the history of our survey. The share of respondents reporting having gotten more than two Covid shots has declined over time, reaching a new series low this month.
  2. We have observed an uptick in the percentage of consumers who expect to get a Covid shot in the next few months, but this uptick is a smaller one compared to Flu shot expectations.
  3. The share of flu shot takers who self-report adverse reactions that caused them to seek medical care has consistently come in at ~1%. By comparison, the share of Covid shot takers who self-report the same has consistently ranged from 2-3%.

Excerpt of Charts: