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Our side-by-side brand health survey helped our client generate critical insights from current customers, lapsed customers, and non-customers. The data helped them assess the state of their brand and highlighted both opportunities and weaknesses to focus their attention on at upcoming board meetings.


Only surveying your customer list is only getting part of the story.

ONLY surveying your existing customers provides a very incomplete view. We designed a survey for our client to run concurrently on their customer list and on a market panel with pre-screening criteria (ie, people who should be customers, but aren’t). Our side-by-side survey gave our client a significantly enriched consumer insights report to include in strategy meetings.



We Generate A Full View By Comparing Customers, Lapsed Customers, and Never Customers.


Since knowing your own customer is important, many companies spend a good deal of resources generating insights and adjusting strategies. Hearing from non-customers and former customers is time consuming and expensive. The administrative challenges narrows the scope of consumer insights companies use throughout the year to just customer feedback.


With our solution, clients don’t merely use consumer insights to keep existing customers happy. They use the more enriched data download to identify growth paths and to put strategies in place to acquire new customers and grow. They learn where to reach prospects, and what to say to them to bring them into the fold. 

Other Ways We Help: Longitudinal Data

We have data available on many companies who use us for brand health projects. If we don’t have company specific data, we usually have industry data with history.


Other Ways We Help:           
Product Testing

Clients often use us to test new and upcoming products months before they go to market. We can help predict which products will succeed and which products will not.


“The Brand Health Survey This Year Helped Us Identify A Vulnerable Competitor And A Path Forward To Introducing Their Customers To Our Brand. “

Chief Marketing Officer, Large Beverage Company

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